5 reasons why spring cleaning is important for your health

Author: Everclean

May 2, 2022

This article gives you five good reasons to start spring cleaning in your home.

  • Cleaning strengthens the immune system
  • Having a tidy house improves mental health
  • Keeping the bedroom clean improves sleep quality
  • Take advantage of cleaning to exercise your body
  • It boosts productivity

Not only is it time to make the much-desired wardrobe change, but also that thorough cleaning that we always leave for “another time.”

And there is no better time than now to start spring with a renewed home full of positive energy. Here is the full details on the benefits of spring cleaning

1. Cleaning strengthens the immune system

If you suffer from allergies to dust mites, this is one of the benefits of spring cleaning you have to read.

You should remove them from your home as soon as possible since seasonal allergies are just around the corner. 

The best way to reduce the appearance of these enemies of the immune system is to vacuum carpets periodically, furniture and upholstery to remove accumulated dust or pet hair.

Also, keep bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean and dry and try opening the windows to ventilate and renew the air in your home (always do it at noon, when pollen levels are lower). With these tricks, you will turn your home into an allergy bunker!

2. Having a tidy house improves mental health

According to this research, a messy home increases stress and leads to higher levels of depression, tiredness, fatigue, and frustration. 

For this reason, many people already use Cleanfulness to reduce this mental burden and find inner well-being through order and cleanliness. 

First of all, to put it into practice, superficially organize the rooms by rearranging objects and decorations—afterwards, clean and tidy the inside cabinets and other storage furniture. 

You can take the opportunity to get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you, are torn, or you don’t like and incorporate clothes for the new season into your wardrobe.

Also, try a thorough cleaning of that mess drawer where you keep everything you don’t need and only the essentials. 

You will find everything at first! Knowing that all your rooms and corners are clean and tidy will help you improve your well-being and be happier in your home.

3. Keeping the bedroom clean improves sleep quality

To achieve optimal sleep, the bedroom must be clean and tidy. 

Please take this opportunity to renovate your bedroom and clean it thoroughly. 

Start by removing dust from the ceiling, moving through the walls, and then finish by vacuuming* the remaining dirt on the floor.

Clean the surfaces of the furniture and take advantage of the change of season to renew your bed. 

Do a deep clean of the mattress (you can turn it over, many already have a more relaxed side for spring and summer) and put your pillow and bedding in the washing machine. 

A clean bed will help you breathe better, as it eliminates the dirt inside it and the dust that settles daily on the sheets, bedspreads and pillows, which leads to a better sleep

Lastly, organize your room. Eliminating general clutter or stacking clothes on your chair will decrease the number of stimuli your brain is exposed to at bedtime. 

This will keep him calm and, therefore, you will be able to sleep better.

4. Take advantage of cleaning to exercise your body

Since we spend more time at home, our daily physical activity has been reduced. Cleaning the house can also be a fun workout!

Daily tasks such as vacuuming, wiping or washing up raise your heart rate and can become the ideal complementary physical activity. 

If you want to intensify your “domestic session,” you can take advantage and change the order of your furniture and, of course, do everything to the rhythm of the music. 

In addition to exercising your body, you will receive the new season with a renovated, tidy and clean house.

5. It boosts productivity

According to experts, the cleaning process boosts your energy while increasing your productivity.

Cleaning tip: you will save time in the future by cleaning and organizing your home because you will spend less time searching. 

This immediately gives a good feeling and consumes less energy than when the house is messy.

Tip while cleaning up:

Learn to let go. If you haven’t used something in the past year, it may be time to say goodbye to it.

Now that you know the spring cleaning benefits, you no longer have an excuse! Having your house clean and renovated will make you not want to leave it. Organize your ‘spring cleaning’ plan and get down to work.

Six crazy facts about spring cleaning

Surely you did not know these curiosities about spring cleaning that we tell you today. They are ancestral customs, that although they were lost in time, some of their essences remain among the cleaning habits that are carried out during the time of year when everything blooms.

#1 Cleaning for a good year

The Chinese New Year begins with a sparkling home, and this is because the Chinese believe that a thorough cleaning will bring good luck, success and prosperity for the new year. In a way, it removes bad luck so that good luck can enter.

#2 Counterproductive cleaning for health

Allergies are another added reason to clean houses thoroughly before the arrival of spring, and many people do so; 

However, this could be counterproductive since you live in the same environment throughout the year, breathing its air and dust even if it is not perceived. 

By doing a thorough cleaning, many elements are removed, and the allergens with which allergies occur immediately.

#3 Clean in pairs

In the past, women stayed at home while men worked outside. Today, with the idea of ​​making the world more equal between both, cleaning tasks are shared by many couples so that the home space becomes to the liking of both.

#4 Inherited habit

In the prehistoric era, people did not understand why they had to clean; however, after agricultural work began, People installed the habit of cleaning before the harvest until today.

#5 More work for cleaning companies

It is increasingly common for spring cleaning to be hired by a specialized service to obtain an effective and thorough cleaning of the home, which guarantees optimal hygiene against possible pests or insects.

#6 The instinct to clean

Some psychologists say that cleaning the house in the spring is something we do instinctively. 

It is not uncommon that we feel lower in energy during the winter because some chemicals in our bodies are not manufactured due to a lack of exposure to the sun. 

It is as if when spring arrives, we are suddenly activated and stimulated to do more activities, including cleaning.


Now that you know the benefits of spring cleaning… you no longer have an excuse! Organize your ‘spring cleaning’ plan and get down to work. 

Remember a big spring cleaning can empty your house… and yourself! A tidy and shining home helps you feel better. From now on, with your body and mind replenished with energy, Having your house clean and renovated will make you not want to leave it.

Do you need help with spring cleaning? 

Contact us and Everclean will help you carry out a successful exhaustive ECO Friendly home cleaning.

This way you can design your workplace sustainably and ergonomically, and let it function optimally.



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