Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Dublin

Upholstery cleaners in Dublin that prolongs the life of your furniture, whilst keeping the textures and colors as bright as can be for as long as possible. We will remove any new or old stain from your mattress, sofa, or couch and improve indoor air quality.

Upholstery Cleaning Dublin
Any type of upholstered furnitureAny type of upholstered furniture
Mattress cleaning (optional)Mattress cleaning (optional)
Couch & Sofa CleaningCouch & Sofa Cleaning
Eliminate most stubborn stains and odoursEliminate most stubborn stains and odours

Book with us in 3 steps ...

1. Schedule a visit

1. Schedule a visit

Click—or tap—here to request a quote for sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, and mattress cleaning. Alternatively, call or start a chat with one of our experts. We're confident that you'll find our prices to be very reasonable.

2. We do the cleaning

2. We do the cleaning

At the agreed-upon date and time, our professional upholstery cleaners will visit your house. They will make sure you receive a perfectly clean upholstery. Every member of the team has been trained to keep your furniture in good shape.

3. Enjoy your shiny upholstery

3. Enjoy your shiny upholstery

Bask in the relief of a fully cleaned furniture, as shiny as the day you bought it! Now, we’d love to know how we did. We want to ensure that you received excellent sofa cleaning service.

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Dublin upholstery cleaning experts

A clean sofa is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help to extend the lifespan of your furniture. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate in the fabric, leading to wear and tear. Regular maintenance and deep cleaning can help to remove these contaminants and keep your sofa looking like new.

As professional sofa and couch cleaners in Dublin, we use a variety of techniques to suit different types of fabric, including cotton, velvet, viscose, silk, wool, linen, and synthetic.

To ensure the best possible results, it is recommended that you have your sofa cleaned once a year by a professional. With proper care and regular cleaning, your sofa will continue to provide comfort and beauty for years to come.

Schedule a professional Dublin sofa cleaning today by completing our online booking form or call Everclean at 01 503 7011.

Hot-water extraction & steam sofa cleaning in Dublin

Hot-water extraction sofa cleaning (also known as wet cleaning), and steam cleaning, is two effective methods to clean a variety of fabrics. The process involves using special detergents and high-pressure hot water to inject and extract dirt and stains from the fabric.

Using a powerful inject/extract machine, we are able to clean deep into the layers of fabric and extract any residual dirt and grime form your sofas.

This method is effective in removing a variety of stains, including coffee, wine, and pet stains. In addition, hot-water extraction sofa cleaning is effective in removing odors from fabrics.

Before Sofa Cleaning After Sofa Cleaning
Before Mattress Cleaning After Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning service in Dublin is also available

We offer professional mattress cleaning services in Dublin that can remove all types of stains, dirt, and allergens from your mattress. Our team of experienced cleaners will work diligently to clean your mattress and restore it to its original condition.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your mattress is thoroughly cleaned and free of any harmful contaminants. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be even more confident in our services.

Why is our upholstery cleaning service the best?

Trusted cleaners

At Everclean, trust is baked into our ethos. All of our upholstery cleaners go through a background check, so you can have full confidence in the people you’re paying. We are officially the most trusted cleaning company by Ireland law enforcement.

We’ll bring all the supplies and equipment

There’s nothing you need to do, bring, or buy! We’ll bring our fabric and leather cleaning products, as well as the equipment for your cleaning, and you just sit back and relax.

Residential & commercial upholstery cleaning

We are fully prepared for cleaning upholstery in your house and office. As upholstery cleaners in the area with years of experience, you know that you're in good hands. We only use tried-and-true methods that are safe for everyone and everything involved.

Non-abrasive cleaning products

We use high-quality cleaning products for a professional sofa cleaning in Dublin, so your furniture will not be harmed during the cleaning process.

Competitive rates

We provide an accessible, convenient, and professional cleaning service. With our highly competitive prices, everyone can enjoy an outstanding couch cleaning services on a budget.

Time-efficient cleaning

As one of the best cleaning companies, we are able to complete our task in a timely manner. We’ll be in and out in 3-5 hours tops, depending on the state and number of your furniture items. You pick the time slot and clear your schedule, we’ll handle the rest.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule your upholstery cleaning with total flexibility. Just let us know a convenient time and day for you!

Professional cleaning team

We handpick our upholstery cleaners to ensure you receive nothing but the best. Our professional sofa cleaners are veterans at what they do, and each has been in the industry for at least 3 years.

Cleaning services near you

Our professional upholstery cleaning service are available near you in 4 major cities, including Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath.

Quality control

We demand perfection, nothing less. At the end of every sofa & couch cleaning session, we send in our quality control inspectors to make sure we delivered the sparkling results we promised.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee every time

We actively gather your feedback after each visit. If you’re not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we will make it right at no additional cost!

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take for my upholstery to dry after steam cleaning?
    It should take about three to six hours for the upholstery to be completely dry once it has been cleaned. If the fabric is wool, then it will need four to five hours of drying time.
  • What happens if my upholstery is damaged?
    Accidents do occur from time to time. We are, however, fully insured, so you will be paid appropriately.
  • What is your availability?
    Monday through Saturday, we are open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m! We can also assist you during national holidays.
  • What is your coverage?
    Our professional upholstery cleaning service is accessible in four main cities in Ireland: Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath. If you can't discover your region on this list, please phone us.
  • Is the cleaning service safe since it uses chemicals?
    We utilise chemicals during sofa cleaning. However, all of our chemicals are entirely safe for your family and pets. Please let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities so that we may make necessary changes to our cleaning methods.
  • Do I have to pay the parking fee?
    We don't include parking expenses as part of the price we quote you, so please remember to budget for them and make sure there will be a free parking space near your home before the service begins.
  • How can I make the payment?
    The payment can be made by card, bank transfer, cheque, or cash. Once we receive the payment, we will send you the receipt.
  • What does leather upholstery cleaning include?
    First, an inspection is performed in order to determine the condition of your leather. Next, we identify any potential problem areas or potential risks. Once testing is complete, a soft brush is used to gently scrub away any surface dirt or residue from your leather. Finally, based on the extent of the cleaning required and other factors, such as the type of leather and conditioner used, this process typically takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.
  • Do you offer carpet cleaning services?
    You can have both, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service done at the same time. Just let us know either in the booking form or by contacting us.
  • Do you offer commercial upholstery cleaning services?
    Our upholstery cleaning Dublin is available for both residential and commercial customers.
  • Do you offer upholstery dry cleaning?
    No. There's a downside to dry cleaning, though. It is not as effective or efficient as hot-water extraction or steam cleaning method, and it doesn't get the same result.

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What clients are saying

Great service. Full deep clean, and couch steam clean. Quick and professional. High recommendation.
Super job cleaning a sofa and all the carpets. Very impressive. Friendly and helpful guy who conducted the cleaning.
Highly recommend Everclean. I got my full apartment deep cleaned as an end of tenant let and they did a fantastic job. They steam cleaned the mattresses, couch, chair and rug and the apartment smells so fresh and clean. Alex and his colleagues were so friendly and efficient. Highly recommend them. I will definitely be using them again.
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