How To Clean The Hard-To-Reach Spots

Author: Everclean

June 22, 2022
How To Clean The Hard-To-Reach Spots

In The house there are many areas and many things that give you headaches when you have to clean at home. But no matter how dirty they are, or how hard it gets to them you can’t say you’re done cleaning at home if you haven’t solved them. Here are some tips for defeats in the battle with the dust you wear every day.

#1: Vacuum Bag

The bag from the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned often because, when it is only half full, the appliance loses its suction power. And as the container fills up, the vacuum cleaner works harder. If the appliance is overloaded, the engine will burn. If you have children or animals in the house you must change/clean the bag at 1-2 months; Or twice a year otherwise.

#2: The toaster

You have to clean the pieces of bread left inside for two reasons: firstly because it obviously means misery and, in addition, they can catch fire, smoking your kitchen. You should clean the toaster at least once a month or even more often if you use it daily.

The stove can always give us the biggest headaches when it comes to cleaning it or keeping it clean. Oil and grease have a special talent for installing in the most impossible places. Personally I love to cook and try new recipes, but at the end of cooking session the kitchen looks like after an explosion, and the stove remains with a dull, oily and blackish air.

From all the stove, the most obnoxious place to clean was always the oven. I have searched long enough to find the easiest and most effective methods to clean this part of the stove and from everything we have found and applied, the best method is the one where I used sodium bicarbonate. Even if this method requires more time, it is very effective for burnt and hardened fats. In a bowl where you put baking powder, pour a little water so as to turn into a paste that does not flow. With this paste we cover all the inside of the furnace and leave it so until the next day, that is, at least 12 hours.

The next day we wipe with a damp sponge baking soda as much as possible, after which over the remnants of bicarbonate pulverize vinegar and finally, we wipe the whole furnace thoroughly. After I applied this cleaning method, my oven looks like new. For cleaning the gratins, the best solution is boiling water and detergent, in which to let them stay for a few hours. Before you put the grilles in the tub, put a towel or cloth under them, otherwise there is a risk of scratching it.

Still in the kitchen, he always gave me a headache, cleaning the burglar’s filter. That is, until I found a simple and easy method. The filter must be removed from the hood, in principle, the filter must be easy to remove, regardless of the brand. Fill the sink from the bucaration with boiling water (the hotter the water the more efficient the method grows). We put sodium bicarbonate in the water and a universal degream and mix well with a spoon. We put the filter in this water and leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes. With a non-abrasive brush We start rubbing the filter after adding detergent. At the end we are fine and dry the filter with paper towels and put it back in place. The healthiest one is once a month to clean the hood filter.

Another thing that always seemed difficult to clean is the horizontal blinds. They’re soft-frozen and the vacuum cleaner has no brush for such an object.

For the blinds I found only one method that for me was good. Even if we haven’t finished in 2 minutes, the result was very good. I used an old sock that I put on my hand so that my thumb would stay in the heat. With the hand so clothed, I managed to clean the dust every blade of the blinds. If the blinds should be washed, we can do this with a sock dipped in detergent water, then wipe them with another dry sock.


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