Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Everyone of us wants a clean, healthy home for their family . Here is including clean, dirt-free and stain-free carpets, rugs, and more. Everyone wants to rest easy knowing that their home is fresh and healthy at all times. Food smells, smoking, pets, and careless spills will also mean your precious carpet that often needs care and attention. Steam cleaning of your carpet regularly, in addition to the usual vacuuming process, is the best way to keep it clean, sanitized and fresh. Steam cleaning of carpets, also known as hot water extraction, gives it all over deep clean . Deep cleaning – is a professional and cheapest price carpet cleaning service to the domestic and commercial places in Dublin and surrounding suburbs.

Carpet steam cleaning 

professional carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of our prominent services, in which we are experts. With non-toxic products, we can clean all type of carpets, rugs. If you go agead with our services, heavily-soiled areas of carpet are completely analysed and perfectly cleaned. Our carpet cleaning is quick and hassle-free service.
If you aren’t totally happy with your carpet cleaning results, simply contact us within 2 days of your service, and we’ll schedule a do-over absolutely free.It’s how we protect both your investment and our reputation. Every relationship with our customers is important to us. This is why your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

At DEEP CLEANING we use the best products and equipment on all your carpets and we always work to the highest standards.

At our company you will find our professional, hardworking and dedicated employees, whose main goal is to make the best job possible for your home.Our carpet cleaners – specialist team are mobile and equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and solutions.
In our area we have many carpet cleaning companies to choose from and many employed people who are also capable and professional.

Where should you start?

  • When you try to decide where you will find the best carpet cleaning service for your home for the hard earned money, why you are not try to call to our company that offers a 7-day 100% clean guarantee;
  • We do not use compound substances containing lethal substances, which is an absolute necessity and is excessively recommended for all property holders;
  • Our process uses 50% less water than regular steam cleaning, so your carpets, rugs, furniture, and more can be completely dry within 2-6 hours – not in few days;

The Cleaning Process

carpet cleaning

Our DEEP CLEANING company uses a process that cleans deep fibers, rinses out cleaning solutions and soil, and leaves the carpet clean bright , fresh and deodorized. We using a carpet protector to keep the carpet cleaner for a longer time particularly if there are pets in the house, or the rug is located in a heavily trafficked area. Before starting the cleaning process, our specialists move furniture as much as possible to clean all surface in the room. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed before started deep cleaning. We are able to use best carpet cleaning products to target these areas directly, with no loose dirt in the way. Our vacuum steam cleaning equipment breaks down the dirt that have stuck into the carpet. If necessary, expert hand clean-spotting is done. We are not using bleach because can dissolve carpet fibers. Some customer request a deodorizing treatment, in addition to the carpet steam cleaning to eliminate other odors.

carpet cleaning

Most pet owners, even experienced ones, will occasionally experience small accidents, animal urine stains on the carpet. Often, urine is not discovered until after the accident. It is best to act on these stains as soon as possible.
Here are the most important effects of pet urine on your carpet:

  1.  SMELLS

Usually the animals urinate in the same place many times. If the urine stain is not properly treated, the odor can spread throughout the home and affect your health, mood and comfort. After the urine dries, the liquid evaporates, but the urine crystals become even more concentrated. You’ve probably noticed that the smell of urine is even stronger when the area is wet. The odor emitted by urine stained area will often lead to a repeat of the incidents in the same area until any trace is properly removed.


The wool carpets can fade very quickly from the urine of animals, getting a reddish color. The discoloration procedure differs on the carpets, some carpets discolouring at the same time others over weeks or months until carpet is damaged. To eliminate the inconvenience, do as quickly as possible with water and vinegar. Put in a bowl of 100ml water and 100 ml vinegar and tampon well with a towel on the spot. And in the case of pet vomiting, do the same with this solution until professional carpet cleaning team is coming.

If you will do carpet steam cleaning every year by a professional carpet cleaner with the proper skill and knowledge , we are guarantee that is the best way to keep your carpet for long time.



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