8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For a Small Apartment

8 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For a Small Apartment

Whether you wish to live healthier, whether you want to save a considerable amount of money, the cleanliness of the house is the area where you can apply these changes. There are numerous old recipes based on natural ingredients only, but we don’t always know where to apply them. Here are 8 miracle ingredients with which you will have a clean, fragrant and healthy.

1 Baking soda

Baking soda works in the first phase as an abrasive powder, helping clean the dirt without scratching the surfaces it is applied to. This is the smallest of the advantages of sodium bicarbonate. An enormous benefit is given by the ability of this product to absorb unpleasant odours, being the most used and most effective refrigerator freshener.

Used in combination with water, bicarbonate removes the smell from all surfaces, operating even in the case of closed containers such as plastic containers or manure for rubbish. Read here What are the 20 uses of baking soda in cleaning and disinfecting your home.

2 vinegar

Another truly miraculous product is vinegar. Our grandmothers used it to clean and sanitizing all surfaces. In addition, the vinegar helps to remove unpleasant odour from the refrigerator or from the microwave oven. Any stain becomes vulnerable when treated with a few drops of vinegar. Combined with baking soda you will get a solution so sure that you can use it even for disinfecting the toilet.

3 Olive oil

Many people already know the benefits of olive oil in culinary arts and in Alterantiva Medicine. It is good to note that a product so healthy and efficient is made useful in the household, helping to clean and polishing many surfaces. Find out why olive oil is a basic helper in your household.

4 lemon juice

Lemon slices can be used for polishing sensitive surfaces and for cleaning porcelain, inoxes, etc. In addition, lemon juice helps to clean any type of stain, especially from textile materials (clothes, covers, tapestries, etc.).

Also, the lemon juice is white and degreuned, being the best natural product in this respect.
Most cleaning products, both bio and chemical, contain lemon juice or citric acid.

5 Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used primarily for the freshening of the smell in the house in a 100% natural way, without the risk of allergy. Also, numerous essential oils (lavender, lemon, eucalyptus etc.) can be used for disinfecting surfaces. In addition, they reject insects (flies, moans, mosquitoes), helping you to spend a peaceful summer in a more natural way.

It is good to know that you can even cook at yourself oils, chasing a simple recipe. Here’s how you can achieve lavender oil.

6 The Salt

Due to its abrasive qualities, salt can be used successfully in cleaning the persistent dirt from furnaces, cookers or cookware. In addition, clean salt and combat mold. Another classic is in the cleaning of silver objects and jewellery.

7 Maize Starch

Corn starch is helpful when it comes to stains. It absorbs excess fat, oil or any other hard-to-clean substance if applied directly to the stain shortly after its production. Corn starch absorbs quickly, without spreading the substance on the affected material, facilitating a perfect cleaning.

8 toothpaste

Works as an extremely fine abrasive, gently cleaning the stains and traces on the wooden surfaces. In addition, the paste helps to remove stains from clothing and light footwear. Silver can also be cleaned with toothpaste.

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