Professional Cleaning After Builders

Professional Cleaning After Builders

When you are moving to a new house or in a  renovate apartment, the work done leaves to follow difficult traces to remove. Cleaning after builders is one of the most requested cleaning services. After completing construction work or a building renovating , our customers prefer to request a cleaning company with equipment and professional cleaners. By using us for cleaning services after renovation, the newly renovated house will be improved, through a cleaning done to the highest standards. Calling us for cleaning services after renovation, the newly renovated house will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Deep cleaning after renovation with quality products and professional cleaners.

Cleaning after builders requires to use a special solutions and equipment to permanently clean and remove difficult residues from the house such as paint, cement, lime and others.
Professional products and of qualified staff are very important.

The intervention of a cleaning company is really necessary

Post-construction cleaning must be carried out with great care, depth and methodical, in particular so as not to damage valuable surfaces as soon as they have been laid.


Where do we start cleaning?

  • Always, the first thing is to open the windows for ventilation;
  • Then we try to remove the remaining things from the builders, take off all covers from all surfaces and the floor ;
  • Always deep cleaning we are starting from the highest floor of the house and going down.

after builders cleaning


Cleaning after builders includes the following stages of work :

  • In each room all the walls are vacuumed or cleaned with a dry and soft brush;
  • All doors, radiators, skirting boards, sockets, switches are wiped down;
  • Cleaning and polish all surfaces from wood, glass, stainless steel ;
  • Dust removal of all lights, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, table lamps;
  • Cleaning and disinfection all tables , chairs, wipe and polish furniture;
  • Inside and outside of kitchen presses, each appliance, each corner of the kitchen and utility room.
  • Window cleaning – Windows and window sills usually are covered with a lot of dust, plaster , cement and paint stains. For windows cleaning we use sponges, clothes and a scraper that does not leave traces and scratches on the glass. All labels on the windows, frames are removed;

bathroom deep cleaning


  • Bathrooms cleaning – Replacing the sink, bathtub, placing the shower or even changing all the tiles in the bathroom is a full of mess process. The first thing we do is clean all the sanitary items and throw all the garbage collected after the renovation.When we start cleaning after builder first we are cleaning the largest objects and then the smallest ones.
    We don’t clean the tile in the bathroom with strong solutions. First we clean with a dry microfiber cloth and then we start cleaning with a damp cloth. Dust can be removed much more easily.If we notice traces of cement, glue or plaster, we try to clean them as best we can.


post constructions cleaning

  • Floor cleaning is essential and is always left to the end.We have to move things as much as possible to the left and right side to be cleaned under furniture .Many things will fall down on the floor and we do not want to do the same work twice. Before using any solution, we are doing a good hoover and  wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove all dirt and dust. After cleaning the floor we use a specific floors solutions.We are useing the special floors solutions that protect the wood from scratches.

We will be happy to clean some areas of the property where builders are still working in other rooms, in order to give you a clean area. However, please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee the best results if there is more construction/renovation work to be done after the cleaning service.
Our team will come fully equipped, so you don’t have to worry about equipment or professional cleaning products. Our team uses professional-grade cleaning tools and supplies to leave your property spotless.

    Call the ”DEEP CLEANING” – confidently cleaning company and your home will be ready for a happy and healthy family.








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